Menu boards do more for your business than what you may think. They do not only showcase the food and service that you offer, they also represent your brand experience, and can thus play a big role in your business success.

Menu boards, when used effectively, can sway your customers into making favorable purchasing decisions. They help cement your customer’s experience, inspire brand loyalty, and generate income. The key word here, though, is: effectively; your menu boards must be well designed so that they can convert, and you need a company that knows how to make truly effective signs. Grand Rapids Custom Signs is that company.

Grand Rapids Custom Signs specializes in making the best menu signs for your business. We take special care in strategizing for maximum impact, customizing the design, and making sure that everything is up to your standards.Grand Rapids Custom Signs doesn’t have a one-size-fits-all approach, we create menu boards that are bespoke for your brand identity, marketing requirements, and even budget.

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    Well-Designed Menu Boards That You Can Update

    At Grand Rapids Custom Signs, we have a wide range of materials for write-on menu boards so you can find something that best fits your brand. These include whiteboard, dry erase boards, ceramic chalkboard, glass, and more. Grand Rapids Custom Signs designs write-on menu boards for various surfaces, such as table tops, walls, ceilings, and A-frame exterior windows.

    Maximize your business’ creative potential and bring in the customers with well-designed adjustable write-on menu boards from Grand Rapids Custom Signs.

    Economical Menu Boards

    Grand Rapids Custom Signs prides itself on being a full-service signage provider, so if you are looking for something that is cost-efficient, we have a diverse array of sign types!

    Vinyl, aluminum, corrugated plastics, and aluminum are some of Grand Rapids Custom Signs’s most affordable advertising materials. Extremely popular and versatile, these tools have proven their reliability over and over again.

    Choose among transparent boards, illuminated boxes, backlit menu boards, full-color vinyl prints, hanging signs, and more. Grand Rapids Custom Signs will be more than happy to deliver economical menu board options that will serve your business well for a long time, while still versatile enough for regular menu updates and changes.

    Top-Notch Dynamic Digital Menu Boards

    Electronic signs are turning into the most appealing way to market products, promotions, and brands.

    Traditional menu signs are typically static, and changing them every so often may rack up a lot of costs. Grand Rapids Custom Signs believes that electronic menu boards can help. With digital signs, you can customize the contents of your menu board, even add photos and videos, and deliver a dynamic experience to your customers.

    Grand Rapids Custom Signs offers various high-quality digital menu boards, including LED, LCD, colored, single-line, monochrome, indoor, outdoor, multiple-line displays, and projection signs. With digital menu boards from Grand Rapids Custom Signs, you can customize your products and services displays and make them more impressive!

    Your Comprehensive Menu Boards and Sign Company

    Grand Rapids Custom Signs has been trusted by the sign-making industry for a very long time. We are dedicated to making menu boards of the highest quality, customized to each of our customers’ specific target market, budget, and brand message.

    With our years of experience, we have established a solid set of practices for our projects. Grand Rapids Custom Signs is a menu signs provider that will sit down with you and discuss every phase of the design and installation, and our team will provide complete guidance, from start to finish.

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    Need a local signs provider that creates custom menu boards? Grand Rapids Custom Signs is the answer. Our skilled team of experienced artists and technical experts is here at your disposal.

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